Debug Logging : VLC Features

Want to know what went wrong with Video FPS, codecs you are using, why some feature is not compatible, or why you are encountering lagging and other relevant issues? VLC can tell you about any problem. With it’s intrinsic Debug logging feature, it can inform you about info like; lack of correspondence (in Network), video discrepancy, why feature is not supported or not compatible, which codec is missing, app crash, and erratic A/V halt due to unidentifiable reason. To view log, from View menu, under Add Interlace, click Debug logging.

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Customize Interface : VLC Features

There are so many features & functions VLC offers which makes it distinctive from others, Among those features, one is interface customization feature. Under View menu, you will find Customize Interface. It allows you to; change menus, buttons, add/delete buttons, change layout of main layout, and change playback controls positions as well.

Customize Interface , VLC features, vlc player, vlc usage, vlc modifications,
Customize Interface , VLC features, vlc player, vlc usage, vlc modifications,

Take Snapshots : VLC Features

As VLC offers instantaneous pause and allows playback in frames, as you can see here. You might need to take a snapshot of either specific frame or an instant paused frame. Guess what? VLC lets you take screenshots as well. You can capture a frame either by pausing the video, or while playbacking video frame-by-frame. To take snapshot more promptly assign a hotkey to snapshot feature from VLC Preferences. Otherwise from Video menu, click Snapshot to capture a screenshot of a frame.

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Advance Open File : VLC Features

Bluray DVD discs & rips comes with separate audio channels for giving the real effect of surrounded sound. Unlike others, VLC features Advance Open File option, which allows you to open a video file along with the separate audio file (if existed). You will find rip-less video synchronization with the external audio file ‘phenomenal’. Next time, you are planning on playing Bluray rip, take a whir of this feature.

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Bookmarking media : VLC Features

Now this must be surprising to most users. Did you know that you can bookmark as well? VLC allow users to bookmark media files, whether you are playing it from local media, or streaming it from any remote location. You can instantly bookmark the media file and access it anytime later.

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Record Webcam Video : VLC Features

Recording video from a webcam is another awesome feature VLC offers. It automatically populates the list of devices attached with your system. To record a video from the Webcam, under Media menu, click Capture Device. From Video device name, select the webcam device and click Play. It will turn on the webcam, from it’s main IDE, you can start recording the video instantly
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