An Application For Correcting Colour And Colour Cast In Images.

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CastCor  software for  colour editing   in digital photos

" Black Hat Vs White Hat " SEO

In enhancing the ranking by the search engines, for a web page / website, Search Engine Optimization will help you in the best way; this process helps your website in getting high quality traffic and volume. The webpage which gets high ranking from the SEO will be listed top in the search results by the search engines. The search engine optimization is done by using proprietary algorithms.

However there are two methods of improving the Search Engine Optimization. They are Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO- Is the process of enhancing the volume and traffic of a webpage through unethical manner, so they often disapproved by the search engines.
White Hat SEO-Is the process of enhancing the volume and traffic of a webpage through ethical manner, so this often approved by the search engines.

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The following shows the techniques through which the Black Hat Search Engine Optimization is done.
        Hidden Content-This is the process of improving the volume and traffic by using the hidden content, this hidden content is placed inside the comments by using the comment tag like “<!--search-->”, where the content which is useful for search engine optimization is placed inside these comments, along with the comments tag “<no script>” is also used in Black Hat SEO.
        Meta Keyword stuffing-This is a process of improving the volume, however here Meta tags are used in the optimization process. These Meta tags should be included inside the “<head>” tag. Normally the “<meta>” tags will have a name attribute and content attribute. This should describe the information of the current web page; however these are used in enhancing the page visits by embedding the keywords that help in searching with-in the “<meta>” part.
        Meta Keywords-The other way of increasing the page visits is by using the Meta keywords. Actually these keywords should be in small list, but these are wrongly used increasing the size list of keywords and embedding the words, which will enhance the site visits. 

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    Doorway / Gateway Pages-The best way in enhancing the page visits is by using the gateway/doorway pages. These false pages are used by the search engine and these pages will never be noticed by the end-user. Normally these pages will have content along with 1/2 keywords used in loading the target.
        Linking Farming-By using link farms, you may be able to link to irrelevant web pages. These free for all pages will not give you any traffic/volume and moreover your web page may reach a state of banned by using these FFA pages so, it is advised to avoid them.

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