7-PDF Maker

A Handy, Powerful And Reliable Application Designed To Generate PDF Files From Regular Text Or Word Documents.
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  • Generated PDF and PDF / A-1 from over 80 file formats and image.
  • Creates PDF hyperlinks from MS Word referrals (email, web link, etc.).
  • Generation of tagged PDF files (indexed PDF files).
  • Automatically creates a PDF table of contents from paragraph styles.
  • Converts directly / natively include the following formats to PDF at: DOC -> PDF, DOCX -> PDF, PPT -> PDF, PPT -> PDF, XLS -> PDF, XLSX -> PDF, ODT -> PDF, ODS -> PDF, ODP -> PDF, RTF -> PDF HTML -> PDF, TXT -> PDF, JPG -> PDF, GIF -> PDF, PNG -> PDF, TIFF -> PDF, EPS -> PDF, PSD -> PDF, BMP -> PDF, WMF -> PDF.
  • 7 PDF Maker is not a PDF printer and requires no Ghostscript!
  • Built-in converter module based on Openoffice.org.
  • Other third-and original applications are no longer needed.
  • PDF with 128-bit password encryption and rights protection.
  • Windows Explorer shell integration.
  • Command line version / PDF Batch Converter 7p.exe.
  • Sumatra PDF Viewer as an optional integrated PDF viewer.
  • Supports English and German.
  • Manual in German and English.
  • Runs on Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7.

    DOWNLOAD : 7-PDF Maker

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