FreeRapid Downloader - ubuntu

A Portable Download Manager
FreeRapid Downloader 0.9 Update,  , FreeRapid Downloader , freewares, DOWNLOAD MANAGER, ubuntu softwares, linux softwares,

  • Support for concurrent downloading from multiple services
  • Downloading using proxy list
  • Support for streamed videos
  • Download history
  • Smart clipboard monitoring
  • Automatic checking for file's existence on server
  • Auto shutdown options
  • Automatic plugins updates
  • Simple CAPTCHA recognition


  • Java 2 Platform - version at least 1.6 (Java SE 6 Runtime) installed
  • Pentium 800MHz processor
  • min 1024x768 screen resolution

    DOWNLOAD : FreeRapidDownloader

    How to Use:

    Just run below command in the terminal.

    sh '/home/nagesh/Documents/FreeRapid-0.9u1/'
    Note: I extracted FreeRapid-0.9u1 folder to Documents. hence above is my path. If you extracted it some where else you should change the path.
  • WANT   TO USE IT ON   WINDOWS   click    HERE

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