An Audio Player That Uses Low System Resources And Focused On Sound Reproduction With Quality.
Multimedia , Audio player  , multifunctional audio player

  • Skin Support.
  • Recorder easy to use.
  • Excellent Playback Quality.
  • Equalizer with visual effects.
  • Playlist Editor + search engine.
  • Integrated file converter/ripper.
  • Streaming of radio + freedb support.
  • Sonique 1.x, Winamp, BassBox, WMP Visualization plugins support.
  • Input and DSP Plugins Support.
  • WinAmp 2.x DSP Plugins Support.
  • ID3v1 & 2, OGG, WAV, WMA and Modules Tags Support.
  • Zip Files Support.
  • Media Library with sort & search engine.
  • Burn Media Library to CD.
  • Fast, easy to use 'n' light.
  • Compatible with All Windows versions.

    DOWNLOAD :: Multimedia

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