A Convenient Way To Find Bargains On eBay Faster, Than Using The Regular Web Interface.


Search eBay like a power user

With AuctionSieve, it’s easy to set up eBay searches – simple or advanced. See all your results on one screen. Use any eBay search term including wildcards. Specify things like “BIN only”, where in the world to search, sellers to exclude and many other search options. Find the bargains others miss.

Get rid of the junk!

Filtering in AuctionSieve is super-easy. See a word in the results you don’t want? Highlight it, hit ‘Add to Trash’ and you’ll never see an item with that word again. It’s fun like search and destroy in a videogame!

Built for lightning fast results

Download hundreds of results in one hit. Don’t display items you saw in yesterday’s results. Group things in a way that makes sense to you. Combine searches together. Save unlimited searches. Run it on your Mac, Windows or Linux PC. Find the real bargains. Requires Java (JRE).



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