How To watch 3-D Movies in your pc by using VLC Media Player

The world are now addicted 3-D movies.Every week,a new 3-D movie has been releasing and there is need to be surprised about it as the trend for 3-D films is rapidly increasing.
Here i would like to tell you a simple trick to watch 3-D blu ray Half SBS films in ur pc using VLC Media Player

Step 1-Open VLC Media Player
Step 2-Click Tools
Step 3-Select Effects and Filters
Step 4-Choose Video Effects
Step 5-Then Vout/Overlay
Step 6-Now u can see a box for 'Wall'
Step 7-Click on that box and arrange rows-3 and columns-2

Step 8-Now vlc will appear in a multiple window
Step 9-Choose any one of that window and watch it in full screen and get the 3-D effect..Enjoy!!
You do require 3D glasses to even watch on vlc. But just paint any spectacles you got with red and blue and you are good to go.


PS :: Magenta-cyan Glass! Works well!

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