Features Of VLC Player ( UPDATED )

VLC  player being the most celebrated open source media player is also ranked as the best among thousands of media players available out there. For novices, it come across as only a “Media Player” but the fact is, it empowers users with multitude of playback, recording, and streaming options. What makes it stand out is minimalistic & simple IDE, smooth playback, capacitating users with multiple file format support and much more. From the day VideoLAN dav team gushed forth VLC Player for the general public, we have seen a mass switch from other eminent media players.

Lets glance at the most overlooked features it offer.


Basic Image Adjustments


Adding Logo 

Panoramic view (Optimal for Muti-Screen)

Puzzle game 

Video Rotation

Video magnification 

Transforming to different angles

Video Sharpness 

 Debug Logging
Customize Interface
Take Snapshots
Advance Open File
Bookmarking media
Record Webcam Video


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