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Kudos to VLC for bringing up sync feature, those who haven’t used it yet, really missed out an important one. Under Synchronization tab, you can manually manage the A/V (Audio/video) sync and deal with them by adjusting the time. Most of the converted videos lacks A/V sync primarily because of change in FPS (Frames Per Second), this actually invokes the problem of either video or audio lagging behind. For adjusting the A/V sync problem, change the values in Advance of audio over video input pane, positive value refers to as video is lagging behind and conversely is the case with negative values which refers to as audio lagging behind.

Right beneath A/V sync settings, you will find Subtitles settings, to make subtitle properly sync with video, i.e, appears on right time. Adjust the timing in a way as defined in aforementioned criteria for A/V sync, positive values refers to subtitles showing up ahead of video. At the bottom, you can change subtitles speed. It may happen sometimes, on downloading subtitles from different source, or from different author, the speed (FPS) is not aligned with the video FPS, i.e, video running on different FPS and conversely subtitles FPS differs. To cope up with this problem, speeding of the subtitles option helps amazingly.

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