A Small, Intuitive Program To Create And Edit Animated Gif Images From Various Types Of Graphics.
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  • Import multiple video AVI, MPG, ASF, MP4 and other video types, import multiple animated Gif, regular Gif, Jpg, Bmp and Png files.
  • Scale, stretch, zoom, pan, trim, rotate, reverse, loopback, reverse and loopback mode, skip frames, cut unselected frames, add images to existing animation, move frames inside frame strip, paste clipboard images, set delay, set repeat times, set output quality.
  • Full screen preview mode with mouse enabled scale, pan and zoom features; browser preview of last rendered Gif animation, open last render folder option.
  • Creates Animated Gif images and extract selected frames to individual images.
  • Intuitive warning mechanism to prevent too slow animations, too large (memory consuming) animations and resize suggestions for importing high resolution graphics.
  • Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
          DOWNLOAD  :   KickMyGraphics

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