Autorun Angel

A Cloud-Based Autorun Manager And Security Analyzer.
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  • Autorun Angel — cloud-based autorun manager and security analyzer. You can quick check your autorun and memory areas for spyware and viruses.
  • Autorun Angel helps protect your computer from spyware (computer software that collects personal information about a user of a computer without their informed consent) and other malicious software.
  • This product powered on completely new NictaTech Anti-Virus Cloud Engine.
  • Autorun Angel is a tool for controlling Windows startup sections in order to provide security for your computer. Angel allows you to control software, drivers and various components launched automatically.
  • Traditional antivirus works via a blacklist approach, identifying known bad files and responding accordingly. Angel — the reverse of that approach, whitelisting, identifies all known good items, and can identifying malware.
  • NictaTech Anti-virus Cloud Engine does not collect, process or store user’s personal data.
  • Runs on all versions of Windows.

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