Desktop Patrol

A Handy And Simple Application That Allows You To Restrict And Block Access To Most Of The Computer's Features.

Desktop Patrol , restrict control and usuage of computer , parental control

  • Prevents users from installing software onto a computer.
  • Stops users from downloading software onto a computer.
  • Disables/enables many of Windows options/settings and dialog boxes.
  • Provides the ability to stop users from connecting to open Wireless Networks.
  • Disables/enables use of Windows and third party software programs.
  • Denies access to external media such as USB devices and CD-ROM/DVD drives.
  • Stops user access to the Windows registry, command prompt and task manager.
  • Patrol settings can be applied globally to all user accounts or specific user accounts.
  • Offers the option to exclude designated user accounts from being patrolled.
  • Controls access to the Internet on a global or per user basis.
  • Blocks users from saving email file attachments.
  • Custom entries can be added for desired monitoring of program and feature access.
  • Records the date/time and user name of users logging in/out of the computer.
  • Ability to send an email notification when any user logs into their user account.
  • Monitors and records users Internet Explorer web browser typed URL history.
  • Backup and restore Desktop Patrol’s existing configuration feature.
  • Administrator password protection.
  • Windows taskbar can be hidden from all users except the Desktop Patrol Administrator.
  • System tray icon can be hidden from all users except the Desktop Patrol Administrator.
  • Runs on Windows XP / Vista / XP X64 / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64.


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