Seam Carving GUI

Cut/Crop Unwanted Parts From Any Image Automatically.

crop unwanted portion

crop unwanted portion


  • You may heave heard of ‘Seam Carving’, also called ‘content aware’ or ‘liquid’ resizing, a technology that can reduce, extend, and even crop elements out of images while keeping it visually plausible and/or cohesive to the human eye.
  • The Seam Carving GUI is a GUI front end to CAIR, which is an implementation of Arial Shamir's seam carving algorithm (aka content aware image resizing, aka image retargeting).
  • Not only will users be able to resize and remove objects from their images, but they can also apply effects and adjust the colors. In the end, the output is bound to look amazing even though little effort was invested.
  • This tool allows the image to be resized while changing its aspect ratio and keeping important features untouched. Essentially, it removes (or adds) parts to an image that would be least noticed.
  • Supports all versions of Windows, Mac, Linux.


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