Kaspersky Security Scan

A Fast And Easy Way To Find Viruses And Threats That May Be Hidden On Your PC.

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Rapid scanning for viruses and other security threats

Checks for known malware and software vulnerabilities on your PC – plus advises on your PC’s security status.

Access to the latest, cloud-based security information

Our servers in the 'cloud' provide real-time information – to scan your PC for the latest viruses and emerging threats.

Real-time results from recognized security experts

Award-winning scanning capability – built by the same world-class experts that develop other Kaspersky products.

Won’t conflict with third-party antivirus software that’s already on your PC

Installs quickly and works on PCs that have an active firewall or antivirus software installed.

Advice for a more secure future

Provides advice on how to remedy any security problems that have been identified by Kaspersky Security Scan.

Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bits)

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