A Light-Weight Metro Style Music Player Specialized For Parties.

Espera , music player


Espera is a portable music player written in C# with WPF as frontend technology.
It is designed as party-player, as it offers features such as locking the player and allowing only to add a certain amount of songs to the playlist at a certain time, or adding music from YouTube to the playlist and streaming the audio track of the video directly.



Espera allows to lock itself, this comes handy on parties, where the guests shouldn't be able to change the volume or stop the music, but still be able to add songs to the playlist.


Espera can search songs at YouTube, add them to the playlist and download/stream the audio track.

When adding a songs from YouTube to the playlist, the video gets silently downloaded in the background. Afterwards the audio track gets extracted and the song can be played.

Streaming requires the VLC media player to be installed, as it streams the YouTube audio track in the background without opening the VLC media player itself.

Mp3-players & removable devices

Espera has built-in support for adding music from MP3-players and other removable devices to the playlist. The music that is added to the playlist will be automatically cached on the computer, so that the devices can be removed without affecting the playback.


Espera uses MahApps.Metro for theming. This gives Espera a beautiful and very clean look.


  • Runs on all versions of Windows.
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • VLC media player >= 2.0 (only if YouTube streaming is enabled)

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