Check, if your Yahoo! Account was compromised?

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You may have heard about 4,53,000 compromised yahoo accounts by a group of hackers.

“The D33Ds Company”, as the hackers call themselves, claim to have hacked the Yahoo data base by exploiting an SQL Injection. The Hackers, published the log in credentials of over 4,53,000 users on Internet today morning. Leaked log in credentials includes not only e-mail addresses but also e-mail addresses from other public and non-public e-mail providers.

Check, if your Yahoo! Account was compromised?

Sucuri Labs      have come with a tool, to check if your Yahoo! Account was compromised.

 Visit the link and enter your yahoo mail address to know if your account was compromised.

 In case your account was compromised, we suggest you to immediately change your Yahoo! Password. We also recommend you to change password of other accounts (including twitter, facebook) if, you share the same password.

Note: This article is not written to promote Sucuri labs, it is purely written to make users aware, if their accounts were breached.

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