+400'000 Android apps for MeeGo Harmattan

Now in June 2012 OpenMobile seems to be working on a compatibility Layer for MeeGo Harmattan, which should give us N9 users access to over 400'000 Android applications.

Even before the N9 was officially released, there were rumors about a possibility to run Android applications on MeeGo Harmatten using a compatibility layer.
Myriad Group was the first to officially announce a way (called Alien Dalvik) to operate Android applications on non-Android devices and showed promising videos like a Nokia N900 running a Android Photoshop application. Another creator of a similar project called ACL (Application Compatibility Layer) is OpenMobile which promises to use the Android ecosystem on other platforms.

Unfortunately many excited Nokia N9 users had to face a disappointement, because Alien Dalvik and OpenMobile's ACL only has been made available for OEMs (manufacturers) but not end-users - the hope to have Android apps on MeeGo Harmattan was fading away. But some hope is still there, and actually good news coming directly from OpenMobile.

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